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Second update on the Handheld Console


The 3D-printable case is closer to release. I've been making tons of improvements to make it available soon and wanted to keep you all posted.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is the original guide and an update on what needs to be done:

An icon representing a D-pad of a gamepad How to build a handheld game console

An icon representing a D-pad of a gamepad What's next for the handheld game console

There's also a YouTube video with the building process:

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Issue 1. Joints

I decided to abandon the idea of having a case split into 3 for a more traditional joint: front and back halves. This required me to redistribute most of the parts inside since they were engineered to be printed on the side.

Front half of the console with the 4 shoulder buttons in place for reference.

It will take way more time to print it this way, but now the case can withstand the pressure from the hands.

Front half on Prusaslicer held by organic supports. It fits the Prusa Mini bed at a 40-degree angle.

Issue 2. Shoulder buttons

I redesigned both shoulders to have hinges so the 3D printed pieces can support all the stress they need to support.

Left-top shoulder inside the case. The other button was removed to display the hinge mechanism.

I also worked on distributing the new 90-degree tactile push buttons inside the case. It wasn't an easy task because the battery needed to be positioned a little bit to the bottom to make space for the mechanism.

3D-printed PCB to test how the 90-degree push buttons coexist with the normal tactile buttons.

3. Ergonomics

Since I was making so many changes to the case, I addressed something that was bothering me since the beginning: the flatness of the overall shape.

Even though the previous shape resembled more a Nintendo Switch or a PSP/PSVita, the bump in the middle and the flatness on the sides were something that didn't look balanced.

The handheld console seen from the left side. The new bumps can be seen at the back of the console.

I pulled 2 nodes from the back to form a couple of bumps. This way is not only more visually balanced but also easier for the hands.

4. New video in the works

All these updates, along with the previous ones and more, will be on the next video. I've been shooting lots of scenes already.

Stay tuned by subscribing to my YouTube channel. I'll be posting on the community tab and on new videos.

Hopefully, the next update will be to share the downloadable file of the case.